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Kooshan Tech is ready to cooperate with medical centers, organizations and companies with a wide range of services and products


PACS is a software for receiving radiology images and file storage, the coding of which is completely done by the technical team of Kooshan System and special changes and capabilities have been included in it.

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Queuing And Queue Management System

After taking the initial appointment by the site or application, all steps from admission to visit are done automatically and during .the treatment period, appointments are made by the doctor

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Electronic Health Record

Kooshan Tech is one of the most comprehensive electronic health records in Iran, which includes a wide range of health, treatment and management needs and has the ability to connect to all HIS in the country.

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Management Dashboards

Design and production of various management dashboards

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Health Platforms

Design and construction of various web platforms and health applications

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دانشکده مجازی

Virtual College

Design and construction of a virtual school for medical centers, organs and organizations

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Medical Record Scan(MRS)

A system for managing and preparing copies of support for patient records, electronically

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Fax Server

A system for mechanizing fax operations and managing them in organizations

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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Receives, identifies, processes and stores information about medical laboratory processes and ultimately delivers it to the attending physician

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A pioneer in technology

Using the latest technologies in the world

Specialized Analysis Working Group

System analysis and module design based on the unique needs of customers

Keep up with you

Step by step your companion and colleague

About Us

Kooshan Tech is trying to take steps to improve the country’s health with the help of young people and using intelligent software systems.

In this regard, by identifying the existing gaps and trusting the Iranian youth, it has started to produce local software in the field of health.

Some of our customers


Islamic Azad university

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Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

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Sarem subspecialty hospital

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Medical universities and hospitals

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Farhikhtegan Hospital

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Zeytoon Health Tourism

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